The Fu – Castle Walls

Had a chance to collaborate with my good friends Josh & Jacob of THEFU.

Get the Song Here:
Behind The Scenes:


Tell me, what you always hoped that you could say when we were
Just a pair of children chasin life so freely,
Imagine how the years only cemented
The walls between you and me

Trembling, fear has crept into the conversations
Like mortar sealing every crack and corner
Gotta keep the fort protected or i’ll lose out
On the war between you and me

Hold it down, i gotta hold it down
Hold it down, i gotta hold it down

Save me, save me from these castle walls of mine, walls of mine

Fire away, your cannons burst, colliding with my
Heartache, destroying any remnants that i’m
Okay, with faces and facades and entertainment

Break it down, we gotta break it down
Break it down, we gotta break it down


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