WEEK6: Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Claudeo Cover)

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Thanks to Ty’s suggestion, I decided to change it up this week and do a non-electronic cover of an electronic song rather than an electronic cover of a non-electronic song…. Yeah…. Say that 10x fast……I picked one of my favorite passion pit songs to cover. Enjoy! Sorry about the annoying buzzing! Having some weird issues with my guitar!

All these kinds of places
Make it seem like it’s been ages
And tomorrow’s sun and buildings scrape the sky.

I love this country dearly
I can feel the latter clearly
But I never thought I’d be alone to try.

Once I was outside Penn station
Selling red and white carnations
We were still alone, my wife and I.

Before we married, saved my money
Brought my dear wife over.
Now I work to bring my family stateside.

Got off the boat, they stayed a while
Then scattered ‘cross the coast.
Once a year I’ll see them for a week or so at most.

I took a walk
(take a walk, take a walk, take a walk)
(take a walk, take a walk, take a walk)

Practice isn’t perfect
but the market cuts a loss.
I remind myself that times could be much worse.

My wife won’t ask me questions-
there’s not so much to ask.
And she’ll never flaunt around an empty purse.

What’s my mother lacking
Just to stay a couple nights
And decided she would stay the rest of her life.

And watch my little children
Play some boardgame in the kitchen
And I sit and pray they never feel my strife.

But then my partner called to say the pension funds were gone
He made some bad investments, now the accounts are overdrawn

Recorded/Mixed/Produced by Claudeo Music….. in one day.

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