CLAUDEO MUSIC: What is it and what exactly am I trying to do?

I’ll save an explanation of the name Claudeo for another day, but I just wanted to take the time to explain a bit about what Claudeo music is and my dreams for what it can be someday.

Claudeo started as a two man San Diego-based band. We (Myself and then-bandmate Ivan Dominguez) recorded an EP together.

Next, we started playing a handful of shows around town. Then, along with my then-girlfriend (now fiancee!),we quit our jobs and toured the USA together for 2.5 months. It was an epic journey for us. Most importantly, we learned that people of many different backgrounds connected with our music… from hipster Portlandians, to wedding guests in the middle of Idaho, to college kids in Indiana, to goth mom (hi goth mom!), etc.

When we returned to California, Ivan and I decided to stop playing as a band. He left to pursue music/art in New York (checkout his music HERE), and I didn’t want that to be the end of Claudeo, so I decided to move to LA to continue dreaming.

At this point, I decided to start calling it “Claudeo Music” instead of “Claudeo the Band”…. because well…. that just makes more sense 🙂 I decided not to use my own name because I love the name Claudeo and because I’m leaving the opportunity open that more people will come on board someday in the future.

My dream is to someday establish a music label and to be in a position to support the work of artists who otherwise do not and will not have the opportunity to succeed (especially for Asians/Asian-Americans). In the meantime, I need to first figure out how you succeed so that I can actually be useful in helping others someday 🙂 So, aside from my weekly YouTube videos, this is primarily what I’m trying to focus on:

  • Producing my own original music (I plan on releasing an album in a few months)
  • Producing for other artists in Los Angeles. (Let me know if you anyone who might want to work with me!)
  • Growing my network here in LA in addition to growing my understanding of the industry here.
  • Continuing to improve my musical skills as well as audio engineering skills.

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About Claudeo

Chris Changchien (aka Claudeo) is most well known for his ability to grow a beard, despite being Asian-American. When he’s not taming that beast, he is also an aspiring Music Producer and Singer/Songwriter based in Los Angeles.

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